Legal Forms & Waivers

If you geek out on all the legal documents and want to save these for your records, here are all our different agreements and contracts. (whew, that’s a lot of legal info if you read them all at once!)

For Everyone

Understand our liability release, covid19 policies, and class registration policies at GXunited Fitness Co.

Class package Agreements

Terms and agreements for purchasing class packages at GXunited Fitness Co.

Membership Agreements

Terms and agreements for monthly auto-draft memberships at GXunited Fitness Co.

Private Training Agreements & Forms

Terms and agreements for private training at GXunited Fitness Co. Plus forms to complete prior to training sessions.

Website & Virtual Terms

GXunited Fitness Co. is the sister company to GXunited and subsidiary of GSO Yoga & Movement LLC. All website terms apply to all websites owned and operated together.