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Movement is an adventure, how will you choose to go on the journey?

Yay! You're Here!

When we paused operations as Greensboro Downtown Yoga in March 2020, never did we imagine the year that would follow. But we’re excited to reopen as GXunited Fitness Co. and welcome the Greensboro community back inside our studio for a mix of yoga, barre, pilates, and strength classes.

Our mission of supporting the community is the same, our look and feel have just changed a bit!

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Summer Sides & Fit Pros - GXunited Fitness Co.

Mindset Matters

We know the world can be a crazy place, and we want to help you calm your mind through powerful moving meditations.

Every class offers you a chance to connect within; to let go of something; or to simply be in the moment.

Discover your true self through mindful movement experiences.

Our manifesto

Step onto your mat and surrender all that makes you heavy. Now is the moment that connects you to your instinct. Revolt against the stories that keep you locked in suffering. Connect with the stories that bring you joy and peace.

This practice is not a show of perfection, it is an art of process. The breath will guide your exploration. You will change, slowly not all at once. The practice connects you to the grace of your being. Connection is the meaning of this journey.

Happiness is not built on fleeting pleasures; happiness is the fruition of hard work, dedication, resolve, and practice.

Move into stillness. Discover your true self. Look beyond your personal limits and redefine where you can go. Be curious. Creativity takes courage.

Know that true courage takes complete vulnerability. Life is a journey, go on the adventure and explore all it brings to you. Now take these lessons from the mat into the world.

Yoga in Downtown Greensboro with GXunited Fitness Co.

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Functional Strength


They called us crazy cuz we never fit in

Sure our name is GXunited Fitness Co., but we often feel a bit like a misfit in the greater world of fitness, yoga, and mindfulness.

You see, we love exercise science, sport psychology, and traditional yoga practices. We geek out when talking about how to move your body (aka. technique & movement), thrive in emotional fitness experiences, and struggle to fit into a singular form of “exercise”.

Our mix of yoga, barre, pilates, & strength classes are an infusion of that! With us you can enjoy a sweaty yoga practice or mindful strength workout.

Plus, you’ll never hear us talk about ‘beach bodies’ or offer a weight loss challenge. Our Instagram feed will never showcase shirtless people working out.

We strongly believe our bodies are made to move, and movement isn’t about how you look but about how you feel. 

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the worlds of yoga & fitness, to allow the conversation to become about mindful movement experiences versus burning calories. We want people to remember the joys of movement.

So yea, sometimes we feel like an outsider...but you know what, that's okay. We embrace being different and Hope you do to!

What is GXunited?

Wondering where our name comes from? Well, GXunited Fitness Co. is the headquarters and learning lab location for GXunited – an educational resource hub dedicated to group fitness.

In 2015 Summer (a UNCG alum) set out to develop a central location for group fit pros to get the resources they needed, connect with each other, and learn new techniques.

Pressing pause on Greensboro Downtown Yoga in 2020 showed Summer that she could merge the two, by offering virtual learning and onDemand workouts with in-studio classes.

GXunited Fitness Co. will help everyone move better, while serving as a learning lab for new group fitness classes and best practices for the fitness industry. Get excited, because together we’re we’re going to create something amazing!

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Summer Sides, Founder GXunited

oh, and GXunited is about all forms of Group eXercise coming together (united).

GXunited All Access

Want a little bit of it all?! With the all-access membership you get unlimited access to all in-studio and onDemand classes, plus one monthly private coaching session to keep you on track for reaching your goals.

Summer Sides teaching at GXunited Fitness Co. on YouTube and GXunited.TV
GXunited Fitness Co - COVID19 Response - Air Purification System

your health & safety is our priority

Our world has forever been changed by COVID19, and we know our responsibility is keeping you safe and healthy while inside our studio. Inside the space you will find a medical grade air purification system, socially distanced mats, strong cleaning protocols, and a pause on shared equipment. We want you to feel safe and comfortable every time you step through the doors. We’re here for you.