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Private Coaching with Summer Sides at GXunited Fitness Co.

Coaching Just for You!

Are you looking for a little more individualized attention or a way to supplement your group sessions with private training? If so, then private training at GXunited Fitness Co. is the perfect option for you.

Have you considered Private Training?

Discover your true potential

Training fully customized to align with your goals.

We start with a Functional Movement Screen to get an idea of where you’re at, then we chat about your goals and current lifestyle.

Using this information, we create YOUR individualized training plan.

As you progress, so will your training plan. 

If you’re looking for something to do on  your own, we can create your at-home training program as well.

Everything we do is to help YOU reach your goals, so tell us what you want, and we’ll aim to help you achieve it.

Arlan - Private Training at GXunited Fitness Co.
Jess 6

Helping you to...

Stand Taller:   Because slouching is no fun

Move Easier:   Tight hips are a bummer

Perform Better:   Mindset makes a difference

A note from Al K.

Summer is an awesome person. Plus she’s a tremendous trainer, excellent Coach, part-time Psychologist, and friend, who has helped me become a much better Duathlete during some very trying times. Each year my overall times and specific event times have improved, especially on the bike by increasing my average speed from 22mph to 24.5mph over a 2-year period.

Hey Athletes,
Training for something?

We’re looking at you, the recreational adult athlete, who loves to train for running, cycling, or crazy endurance events. Or you, the student athlete who’s looking for an edge over the competition.

Summer’s got a special place in her heart for training you and would love to help you redefine your limits through customized training programs.

As a certified strength & conditioning specialist, running coach, and former endurance athlete herself, Summer knows a thing or two about training for athletic performance.

Summer Sides, CSCS - Sport Specific Coaching at GXunited Fitness Co.

How do you want to train?

Because life is about choices and your training plan should be too! So let’s talk about all the different ways you can move your body, and then mix it up to find what works best for you! Your session could include elements of yoga, pilates, functional strength, balance training, and more!