COVID19 Sucks!

Real talk for a moment, COVID19 sucks! It took too many people’s lives and just has created a really strange year.

But, we’re ready to be back and have taken lots of different measures to do so.

GXunited Fitness Co - COVID19 Response - Air Purification System

Stay Healthy

Our world has forever been changed by COVID19, and we know our responsibility is keeping you safe and healthy while inside our studio. Inside the space you will find a medical grade air purification system, socially distanced mats, strong cleaning protocols, and a pause on shared equipment. We want you to feel safe and comfortable every time you step through the doors. 

In the studio...

  • Wear a mask if you haven’t been fully vaccinated.
  • Bring your own mat, props and water bottles.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Take your shoes off when you get to the studio and put them in a cubby.
  • Clean your station when you’re done!
  • Socially distance in the studio.

before you get to class...

  • Sign-up for class before you head to the studio (it closes 3-hours before class time).
  • Make sure you’ve got class passes or a membership on your account, you can’t pay with cash/check in the studio.
  • Life happens, we get it, but try to cancel 12-hours early ($25 late cancel or no show fee).