Who is gxunited fitness co.?

Aside from Greensboro’s only boutique fitness studio offering a mix of
yoga, barre, pilates, and functional strength classes.

We used to be Greensboro Downtown Yoga, now we're GXunited Fitness Co. Here's why...

We changed our name from Greensboro Downtown Yoga to GXunited Fitness Co. to give you more options and ways to move your body in one place. We wanted to help those of you (us) with a bit of a squirrel brain and who like (need) variety to have one place to move your body, calm your mind, and connect.

Don’t worry, we’re still doing yoga, but we’ve expanded and have a few more options!

🧘 Yoga is here to calm your mind, stretch your body, and build strength throughout.

🩰 Barre classes will give you the strength and grace of a dancer (minus the tu-tu and dance skills!).

✨ Pilates will strengthen your core.

🏋🏿 Functional Strength is here to give you a total body workout experience.

So yeah, we changed our name and we're mixing it up a bit.

But as 2020 taught us, life's about change and we just roll with it!

What is GXunited?

Wondering where our name comes from? Well, GXunited Fitness Co. is the headquarters and learning lab location for GXunited – an educational resource hub dedicated to group fitness.

Back in 2015 I was traveling the country as a national fitness educator and I started to see the same questions asked over and over by fit pros. 

I set out to solve their questions and developed a central location for group fit pros to get the resources they needed.

In 2020 (as I threw spaghetti at the wall trying to figure out how to keep Greensboro Downtown Yoga open), I launched GXunited.TV – our virtual studio. Now I’m taking that a step further and using this studio as a learning lab for new group fitness classes and best practices for the fitness industry. 

Get excited, a full learning academy will be coming this fall! Together, we’re going to create something amazing.

2017 Photoshoot (71 of 282)

oh, and GXunited is about all forms of Group eXercise coming together (united).

Our Manifesto

Step onto your mat and surrender all that makes you heavy.

Now is the moment that connects you to your instinct.

Revolt against the stories that keep you locked in suffering. Connect with the stories that bring you joy and peace.

The practice is not a show of perfection, it is an art of process.

The breath will guide your exploration.

You will change, slowly not all at once.

Connection is the meaning of this journey.

Happiness is not built on fleeting pleasures; happiness is the fruition of hard work, dedication, resolve, and practice.

Move into stillness.

Discover your true self.

Look beyond your personal limits and redefine where you can go.

Be curious. Creativity takes courage.

Know that true courage takes complete vulnerability.

Life is a journey, go on the adventure and explore all it brings to you. 

Take these lessons from the mat into the world.

Summer Sides & Michael Griffith - Rocky Mountains

Hey Friends. I'm Summer!!

I’m the owner here at GXunited Fitness Co. I could bore you with my laundry list of certifications and my 20-year career in the fitness/yoga industry, but instead I wanted to share some fun facts with you. You can read all the formal info about me here.

Favorite Travel Spot:   Rocky Mountains

Can’t Live Without:   Puppies, Netflix, & Yoga

hometown:   Scottsville Va (population 500!)

Animals:   2 pups (but once we had 30 spiders!)

What else I do:   Professor of Exercise Science

On the Playlist:   Broadway & Carrie Underwood

Education:   MS (Kinesiology); CSCS, RYT-200

How do you like to move?